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Alarm & CCTV Takeover, Derby

Colin Bailey Security Solutions are experience in taking over domestic and commercial existing alarms systems in Derby.
There are many reasons why you may be looking for an Alarm or CCTV Security system Takover:

  • You need a more cost effective service
  • Your current provider is not offering the level of service that you expect
  • Your system has a fault that your current provider is unable to resolve.
  • You are nearing the end of your contract and want to compare prices and service levels
  • Your existing provider has ceased trading
  • Your requirement is beyond the services offered by your current alarm/cctv security service provider
  • You've moved to a new property and there is no information on the system
  • You want a faster response from a local firm
  • You want a local firm
  • You have multiple contracts and want to bring all your services under one provider from multiple providers

How does an alarm takeover happen?

  1. We provide a free, no obligation review of your system
  2. We provide a quotation
  3. We install any new equipment required, resolve existing issues, and provide ongoing maintenance


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