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Intruder Alarm Systems, Derby

Wireless and Hardwired Alarm Systems Designed and Fitted
Alarms Fitted in Homes, Flats, Offices and Out-Buildings

Colin has over 26 years experience designing, fitting and repairing Alarm systems. Coline can install hardwired and wireless systems to suit your property and needs.

Options for Alarm systems:

  • Door contacts
  • Window vibration contacts
  • Panic Buttons/Alarms
  • Motion Sensors
  • Pet PIRs - Passive Infrared (Motion sensors).

Manufacturer's system that we install and repair include:

  • Scantronic
  • Pyronics
  • Accenta
  • Eurosec
  • If your Manufacturer isnt listed here please contact us on 07940 282 185.

Choice of Number pads or Key fobs
We can offer key fobs as an alternative to traditional keypads for setting and unsetting Alarm systems.
These are especially convient for our elderly customers and for those with motion impairments. Instead of struggling to press the buttons on a keypad, use the keyfob to set and uset your alarm system - similar to a Car lock keyfob.


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